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Cloud Native

Ontwikkelen en beheren van schaalbare applicaties in dynamische cloud omgevingen

Most application today are built in public clouds. If they are not, they usually take advantage of application platforms that give you some of the public cloud benefits on-premises. When you build application on such platforms, you need to take a cloud-native approach to benefit from the potential advantages offered by these platforms. 


But what is cloud-native application development and why does it matter? For Exsertus, it determines how we create and deliver applications in dynamic cloud environments, whether in the public Azure cloud or on-premises. Cloud-native is based on five architectural principles and two cultural principles that we believe are crucial to deliver applications that deliver ongoing value for your customers: 

  • Dynamic management: application environments are provisioned on demand to give developers the resources they need to deliver value quickly. 
  • Automated and declarative: the days of creating scripts to create infrastructure and deploy applications are over. Modern infrastructure and application delivery is data-driven and fully declarative. 
  • Orchestrated: we take advantage of the orchestration capabilities of public clouds and/or Kubernetes to provide high availability, disaster recovery and automatic scaling 
  • Immutable: we do not change or patch your systems continuously. Making a change leads to a new deployment with security fixes and applications changes. 
  • Microservices: cloud-native application development combines the services that provides the most value into one application. Whether these services are containers running on a container orchestrator or services offered by a cloud-provider does not matter. What matters is the end result for your customers!


Cloud-native framework

Our teams of cloud-native architects, cloud-native developers and DevOps engineers guide you in this ever changing and dynamic world to make the correct long-term decisions. Our cloud-native framework is the guide along this journey.   

With a series of workshops that you select and assemble based on your needs, we determine the ideal target platform based on our cloud-native principles, and provide an end-to-end approach to deliver your application(s): 

  • Optimal solution architecture (Azure PaaS, Serverless or Kubernetes) 
  • Optimal application architecture (modular monolith or microservices) 
  • Optimal secure software delivery supply chain 
  • Optimal monitoring and observability approach to determine the health of your application 

In addition, we bring your own teams up-to-speed with Azure, Kubernetes, and cloud-native concepts so that you remain in control.   


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